Oh Christmas, I love you, but you are so much work!  This year Sugar helped me wrap some gifts.  She couldn’t get enough of me sitting on the floor and let me know that my presence was very much appreciated by running up and licking my face, and then running away just as quickly.  This went on about every 45 seconds until I just stopped trying to get anything done and just held her.  I will never have another dog that is as sweet as my Sugar Booger.


December 25th was spent in Chicago with my cousin, her husband, and her children.  We went to an amazing German market.  There was mulled wine, cheese pretzels, and processed meats of all kinds.  In case you didn’t know, I’m a PANK- a Professional Aunt, No Kids.


Linus and I spent some time at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago before heading to our flight.  It was awesome.  We got to talk about the best parts of this visit, which were those little moments that are unplanned and inexplicably joyous.  These moments happen while reading a book to a child, being able to revisit a childhood memory, or finding out something new about your relatives.  Deepening connection with others, especially with family or your family of choice, feels like the reason we are here, on this Earth.  I love to feel like a piece in a puzzle and when my people are close and connected, that’s just the best.


Getting back to real life, I did my final run before Dopey and wore my Cinderella’s Carriage earrings to make sure that they weren’t too horrible to wear while running.  We leave tomorrow, so I’ll be MIA for the next 10 days.  Look for another post in 2 weeks when I can report on COMPLETING my first Dopey as well as going on my first Disney Cruise.  Words cannot express how excited for this runcation and for 2017 in general!!

Happy New Year, friends!

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