One of THOSE days…


I really have no room to complain, really.  I have a wonderful husband,  I get be a dog mommy to two fabulous dogs, I live in an awesome house, etc.  I really shouldn’t complain, and yet…some days y’all…some days just get to me.  The first problem today was that I received notification that I had a letter at the post office with insufficient postage.

OK, no big deal, I’ll just drive the 10+ miles, plus pay the needed 49 cents to retrieve said letter so that I may read its valuable contents.  I get to the post office after battling horrible DC traffic only to discover that the letter in question is nothing more than a Chanel ad.  A FUCKING ad.  FOR FUCKING CHANEL WATCHES.  Now I will never buy a Chanel watch because you made me go 10+ miles in the rain and traffic, Chanel- all because you didn’t know that a square envelope requires additional postage.  Coco would be mortified.

I called the Chanel store listed on the advertisement, explained that I was deeply dissatisfied with their knowledge of the postal system, and the exact sentiment expressed by the salesperson was, “I’m sorry, have a good day.” And then she hung up. HUNG UP.  I could have straggled the bitch right through the phone. Again, Coco, I hope you’re watching this shit from above because your people need help.

Untitled My second issue of the day came when I realized that a customer of mine had returned their challenge pack.  OK, I get it.  You thought twice about spending $140, or whatever…it happens.  It just sucks because I had met my goal and it’s the very end of the month, so getting new customers is tricky in the final hours.  I get it, I shouldn’t have been coasting, and I should never take for granted that I have my goal in the bag when I sell a challenge pack, but honestly, I’ve never had one person back out of getting these incredible tools!  Usually people are SO HAPPY to start something new, they never think about returning it!  I reached out to this customer 5 times since she ordered and never received a response…so I know I did my job.  Some people just don’t want to help themselves.  Or me.

Anybody wanna help a sistah out with this, here’s the link: 21 Day Fix


Then, coming home from class, it was raining and traffic was a nightmare.  God bless the people that suffer through this every day.  I could not.  I would literally lose my shit.  By the time I got home, I was hangry, upset, and seriously had to pee.  It didn’t help that I absolutely HAD to stop and get gas on the way home.  in the rain. with no umbrella. FML.

UntitledAt least I got to come home to this guy- and my husband.  Husbands are always good for kissing your forehead and pour you a glass of wine.  OK, enough you guys.  I can’t.  I just can’t.  I’m going to bed.  

How do you get through tough days?  Leave a reply because I’m seriously in need of some ideas!

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